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DevOps tools

Posted On : Monday 2nd March of 2020.

The tools of DevOps consist of configuration management, testing, and building systems, deployment, control, and monitoring tools. For continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment requires many different tools. As technology is increasing day by day. DevOps tools that are used have been developed to make collaboration and development easier. The top 10 DevOps tools which are used in 2020. The tools that are used in DevOps are:


It was launched in the year 2013, it is one of the top communication tools used by the teams for effective collaboration. It is used by technical organizations all around the globe to tear down all the barriers. It allows developers to collaborate using toolchains. They also communicate with other maintenance and service members.


It is an open sure continuous integration server and automates the complete build cycle of a project. The tasks and tools involved in SDLC can be automated by using Jenkins. It provides instant feedback and warns if a particular sprint is leading to be broken or harming.


It is a trend quickly gaining momentum in the IT world. It allows secure packages, deploying and running of applications. Using the docker engine the containers can be accessed to execute applications in a remote environment.


The security of software is one of the primary concerns for any DevOps projects. Using this tool you can collaborate in a centralized environment on any particular incident and be aware of security threats. It has special techniques like file detonation, device quarantine, etc.


It is a monitoring tool which is used to keep the tabs on the applications, servers as well as all the infrastructure of the business. This is most helpful for large organizations because they have high routers, serves, and switches in the backend. It also alerts the users in case of any particular faults or the device fails.