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Top 5 DevOps tools

Posted On : Thursday 12th of March 2020.


It is a tool for managing and working with virtual machines in a single workflow. Using this the DevOps team can share a software running environment and can test the application without wasting time.


It is one of the most simple and effective IT configuration management tools. It is primarily used to pushing new changes within the existing system and also configuring deployed machines. It lowers the costs of infrastructure and increases the replication speed of stability so based upon these two reasons it is most favorite among IT companies.


It was launched in the year 2000. It is one of the top DevOps tools for easy collaboration. By using these tools developers can make a rapid iteration to the code. It is widely used across the software industry. It is a web-based code hosting and also a sharing service.


It is used by companies such as uber and Microsoft and it is one of the best DevOps tools for error. It is a free tool and supports most languages such as ruby, javascript. It continuously scans lines of code across the entire system and sends notifications to the users when it finds error or problem. It not only highlights the problem but it offers solutions to the problem with a single click.


It is similar to GitHub and it is also used to help to manage project code throughout the software development cycle. While GitHub ranks as the top tool but people are shifting to bitbucket due to reduced cost.