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Best Devops Training In Hyderabad KPHB

RR Technosoft Devops Training in Hyderabad KPHB Offered by Certified Professionals. This Devops Course will lead you to master in Devops Tools like GitHub, Jenkins, Buddy, Cucumber, Docker, Maven, Teamcity, Nagios and Ansible with Live Projects. Enroll for Devops Training, a trending field within the Software Industry that helps Software Developers and IT Operation Admins to form and Deploy Projects in an efficient manner. Become a Devops Certified Engineer from our Devops Classroom and Online Training in Hyderabad KPHB.
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Devops Training in Hyderabad KPHB devops or development and operation teams together into one single unit. Devops training in the software industry developments and operations engineers work together to discover a faster and more effective software solution with a number of interruptions. Devops include reduced time span to overcome interruptions, enhanced defect detection, reduced development cycle, better release velocity, and reduced deployment checks.

Devops Training in Hyderabad KPHB uses different aspects of text and deployment, continuous delivery, automating build, operation, continuous integration, inter-team collaboration, continuous development and deployment, software development, IT services agility and learning various devops tools.

Devops Training in Hyderabad the most valuable devops training course certificate globally recognized once complete the devops training course from besant technologies. Devops training offers makes the aspirants get in-depth knowledge of the real-time application. At these institutions, one can get trained in the subject of their choice by opting for a wide range of courses. We offer all devops training courses as a student option. It is the best devops training institute in KPHB Hyderabad.

What Is Devops

Devops are an amalgamation of development and operation, which refers to collaboration among IT operators and software developers to automate infrastructure changes to automate software delivery. Devops refer to understanding between software developments and operation. Devops is a different software development that works on a set of principles such as evolutionary development, improvement and planning, fast delivery and response to issues that create the software.

Is Devops Good For Career

Devops good career presents promising opportunities for a flourishing career, and it is also important for every student to develop the right skills for a career in devops. Devops future is a lot complicated for a career in devops. Experienced your skills with a devops certification and stand out of the crowd. Devops,you can quickly get started in devops as a developer, DBA, QA, sysadmin, and willing to take tools and technologies and get thoroughly involved in your organisation.


DevOps (development & operations) is an endeavor software development express used to mean a type of agile connection amongst development & IT operations. The objective of DevOps is to change & enhance the relationship by upholding better correspondence and coordinated effort between these two business units.


1. Introduction to Dev-ops

Why Dev-ops?

Evolution of Software Development

Waterfall Model

Agile Methodology

What is Dev-ops?

Dev-ops Lifecycle Phrases

Continuous Development

Continuous Testing

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment

Configuration Management Tools

Containerization Tools

Continuous Monitoring

Dev-ops Tools

2. Introduction to Cloud Computing(AWS)

Why AWS cloud

What is cloud

Public, private, hybrid clouds

IAAS, SAAS, PAAS cloud models


EC2 Essentials

AMI, Instance Types, EBS Volumes, Snapshots

Security groups

Key pairs

LAB: Launch and connect to an EC2 instance

RR Technosoft Provides DevOps training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily


Basic linux/unix commands

Changing file permissions and ownership

Types of links soft and hard link

Filter commands

Start and stop services

Find and kill the process with id and name

Package installation using RPM and yum

4. Continuous Development

Introduction of version control systems

Centralized Version Control System (CVCS)

Distributed Version Control System (DVCS)

What is GIT

Features of GIT & Workflow

How GIT plays a vital role in Devops?

Commands and Operations in GIT









How to install GIT in windows

Introduction to Github

Git Vs GitHub


Create Repository in Github

Create Branches and perform Operations

Cloning and Forking Github Repository

GIT Commands and configuration

Realtime scenario usage of Git & Github

5. BUILD Tool – Concept & LAB

Install Apache Maven

Understand Maven dependencies and control Maven classpath

Install plugins, manage plugins with a parent POM, and find available plugins

Maven build properties

RR technosoft Provides DevOps training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with complete real-time training. Training is based on complete advance concepts. So that you can get easily

6. Continuous Integration

Introduction to Continuous Integration

What is Jenkins and its History

Advantages of Jenkins

Install Java

Jenkins Architecture

Overview of Jenkins UI


Jenkins Installation & Plugins

Setup and configuration

Security in Jenkins

Notification system

Create and Run our first Jenkins Job

7. Continuous Deployment

i. Containerization

What is Virtualization

What is Containerization

Advantages of Containerization over Virtualization

Introduction to Docker

Benefits of Docker

Custom images

Docker Files

Docker Compose

Terminology in Docker compose


Installation of Docker

Downloading Docker images.

Uploading the images in Docker Registry

Understanding the Docker containers

Running commands in Docker container


Running multiple Docker containers.

Docker Image Creation

Creating a custom image.

Publishing the custom image.

Accessing containers

Writing a Docker File

Installing the Docker compose

Build a web app using Docker compose.

Deploy Jenkins on docker container

ii. Configuration Management

Ansible Introduction

What is Ansible?

Why do we need Ansible?

Advantages of using Ansible

What Ansible can do?

Ansible Architecture & Terminology

Ansible in DevOps

Real-Life usage of Ansible

Inventory Files(Host, Dynamic, Static)


Modules in Ansible


Ansible Installation & Configuration

Ansible client and server configuration

Running commands in Ansible Management Node

Writing playbooks using YAML

Deploy web applications using Ansible Playbook

Provisioning ec2 instance using Ansible Playbook

8. Continuous Monitoring

Why We Need Continuous Monitoring?

What Is Continuous Monitoring?

What Is Nagios?

Nagios Components


Install & Configure Nagios Core

Create a binary out of Nagios source code

Add A Remote Server Using NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor).

Configure default Monitoringservices

Add/Create customised Service to monitor

9. Tomcat Web Server

Installation and configuration

Tomcat Manager

Application Management

Application Deployment


Install & configure Tomcat container

Set Access & Roles

Launch Tomcat on a browser

10. HTTPD Web Service

Installation of Apache

Configuration of Apache

Static Pages

Dynamic Pages

LAB: Install httpd webserver

11. Mini Devops Project

LAB: Create a customized CI/CD Devops pipeline which will automatically build & deploy to a container